Toddler: Communicating and Speaking

Smiling Toddler

When children learn to say the word “no” they often practice saying it a lot. When children learn to say or communicate “yes” and “no,” they illustrate developmental progress in communicating and speaking. Below are some additional indicators of progress … Read More

Older Infant: Communicating and Speaking

To watch a child smile, crawl, roll, or stand for the first time is a joy. Included in these classic milestones is the infant wave. Many older infants begin to wave goodbye and make other similar gestures as they develop. … Read More

Younger Infant: Communicating and Speaking


Ever get the feeling your seven month old infant is talking to you? Well, young infants do talk. Sort of. Even as young infants, children begin to develop vocal communication skills. Some examples of progress in this area follow as … Read More

Toddler: Listening and Understanding

Smiling Toddler

For many, it is a joy to watch toddler’s language and communication skills emerge. It is essential that children develop these skills. As their ability to communicate improves so does their ability to influence others. Which, in turn, helps nurture … Read More

Older Infant: Listening and Understanding

Infant hand cupping ear.

One thing we can do to help older infants develop their ability to listen and understand is shush up. At times, instead of waiting for a child to respond to our words, we assume they can’t and we continue talking … Read More

Younger Infant: Listening and Understanding


“I put the spoon in the cereal. I scoop the cereal. Here comes the cereal,” Dad says to baby as the child opens her mouth to scarf down the scoop. To talk through routines like this with infants may seem … Read More

Toddler: Relationships With Other Children


Did you almost slip and fall on your extra slick floor with the new mysterious sheen recently? Perhaps your toddler has been cleaning again. At this age toddlers begin to emulate roles they see others in. They may see you … Read More

Older Infant: Relationships With Other Children

Older infant talking on phone.

Be on the lookout for rising mobile phone bills if your plan fails to cover unlimited imaginary minutes. Older infants enjoy pretending to talk on the phone. They use toy phones–sometimes real phones–to talk to friends, family, and fictitious characters. … Read More

Younger Infant: Relationships With Other Children

One infant pulls another infants shirt as he leans forward.

Ever notice how when one infant starts to cry, other infants nearby cry too? No, it’s not your imagination. It happens. Though, these sympathy cries threaten to overwork eardrums, they can be a good sign. When infants cry upon hearing … Read More

Older Infant: Self-Regulation

Older infant drinking from bottle.

Self-regulation is an important part of social emotional development for infants. Healthy relationships are the cornerstone for progress in this domain. At this stage, children begin to understand limitations, start to show an ability to manage own behavior, become increasingly … Read More