Waiting Lists

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When no openings in one of our early learning child care programs are available we often offer parents a spot on the waiting list. It’s free to signup for the waitlist. We just take your contact info and contact you when there’s an opening. Simple enough right? Maybe, but let’s clarify two important considerations: 1) the only way to secure … Read More

Toilet Training

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Teddy bear on potty training toilet with toilet in background.

Hooray! So, you’re child has begun the journey of toilet learning. This is a very exciting time, but it can also be quite frustrating. Don’t get discouraged. If your child does some of the following, she may be ready for potty training: follows simple directions, sits upright for five minutes or more, stays dry for two hours or more, answers … Read More

Preschool: Risk Taking

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Positive attitudes and dispositions determine children’s ability to learn. We want children to develop positive approaches to learning in terms of their social interaction and ability to obtain new information so they can thrive as learners. Age: 3-5 Years Old Domain: Approaches to Learning Sub-domain: Risk Taking Progress and Support Preschoolers show progress when they explore several different ways of … Read More