Help Me Grow


The newly redesigned Help Me Grow website that the old MN Parents Know website now directs users to has some excellent information on developmental milestones, strategies to guide healthy development, and how and when to refer children for screening or evaluation in Minnesota.

For example, they published the following list of red flags which indicate that a child should be referred for screening or evaluation immediately:

The fifth bullet point is actually a hyperlink original to the Help Grow Grow publication. We didn’t add it. We just made it visible. Hopefully, that issue will be resolved by the time you read this!

But as of today, the hyperlinks are indistinguishable from the regular text.


Image from the Help Me Grow website showing the lack of style on hyperlinks making them indistinguishable from regular text.

Screenshot with annotation from the home page of the Help Me Grow website.


Nonetheless, the site carries some really useful information.

They even have quick-tip articles similar to our own. Their quick-tips are more concise, overall, than ours. They are clear with fewer tips than our lists in some areas and more in others. Read both.

As always, if your child attends SonShine Learning Center and you have questions or need help seeking additional resources, just let us know!

Author: Nate McCallister

Nate McCallister started with SonShine Learning Center in 2003 as a preschool teacher. Today, he works as the organization’s director of operations and is the site director at the Luther location. He earned a bachelor’s degree in technical communication and professional writing from Metropolitan State University and studied early childhood education at St. Paul College.