Breakfast consists of unflavored whole milk for children one year old, unflavored low-fat or fat-free milk for children older than two years old; a fruit; and one of the following whole grain cereals:

  • Cherrios
  • Rice Chex
  • Corn Chex
  • Wheat Chex

Non-dairy milk substitutes that are nutritionally equivalent to milk may be served in place of milk to children or adults with medical or special dietary needs.

Animal products will be replaced as needed at the Luther location in order to accommodate dietary restrictions that prohibit those items. The replacement will still meet USDA dietary requirements. Beans, tofu, vegan “meat” crumbles, and vegan veggie burgers will replace animal proteins.

Afternoon snack consists of one grain, protein, or dairy product and one fruit or vegetable.


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Why Vegan?

We provide two menu options for lunch. Both meet the USDA standards for a balanced meal. One is a standard menu that usually includes egg, dairy, and meat and the other is a vegan menu. The vegan option is offered only at our Luther facility.

We began offering the vegan option in order to give children with vegan and vegetarian diets an option and to have an alternative each day for children with allergies to animal products. Other than peanut allergies, the two most prevalent allergies that we see are to dairy and eggs. The vegan menu also tends to include a more diverse range of foods including Indian and Ethiopian dishes.

Email the director if you’d like to transition your child to the vegan option. We are unable to accommodate shifts from day to day unless it’s to address an allergy. Permanent changes based on dietary preference are always welcome.