Preschool: Curiosity

Nate McCallisterPreschool, Quick Tips

Preschooler pointing finger at chin looking inquisitivly off camera.

Positive attitudes and dispositions determine children’s ability to learn. We want children to develop positive approaches to learning in terms of their social interaction and ability to obtain new information so they can thrive as learners.

Age: 3-5 Years Old
Domain: Approaches to Learning
Sub-domain: Curiosity

Progress and Support

Preschoolers show progress when they

  • want to learn new things,
  • illustrate a sense of wonder.

You support development when you

  • get out and explore the community by visiting parks, museums, swimming pools, etc.,
  • find ways for children to explore and learn more about their community,
  • look for cues indicating new or growing interest and find ways of supporting those,
  • find shared experiences where both children and adults can discover new things together,
  • provide plenty of variety in activities so children can explore new interests.

Resources: Minnesota’s Early Childhood Indicators of Progress, 2005