Preschool: Risk Taking

Nate McCallisterFeatured Quick Tip, Preschool


Positive attitudes and dispositions determine children’s ability to learn. We want children to develop positive approaches to learning in terms of their social interaction and ability to obtain new information so they can thrive as learners.

Age: 3-5 Years Old
Domain: Approaches to Learning
Sub-domain: Risk Taking

Progress and Support

Preschoolers show progress when they

  • explore several different ways of solving a problem,
  • choose activities they know well in addition to activities they are unfamiliar with.

You support development when you

  • monitor children’s use of TV, video, computer,
  • encourage children to try new things,
  • allow children to recognize mistakes on their own and offer positive feedback when necessary,
  • help children use toys and other materials in more than just one way.

Resources: Minnesota’s Early Childhood Indicators of Progress, 2005