Younger Infant: Emergent Literacy

Nate McCallisterYounger Infant


Before we learn to love books, we hit them. At least, younger infants do. This may be a sign, however, that the child is beginning to connect with print materials. As younger infants move toward realms where literacy begins to emerge,  they increasingly show interest in verbal communication and printed words and images. Below are some indicators or progress and … Read More

Younger Infant: Communicating and Speaking

Nate McCallisterQuick Tips, Younger Infant


Ever get the feeling your seven month old infant is talking to you? Well, young infants do talk. Sort of. Even as young infants, children begin to develop vocal communication skills. Some examples of progress in this area follow as well as some strategies you can use to support this development. Age: 0-8 Months Domain: Language Development and Communication Sub-domain: … Read More

Younger Infant: Listening and Understanding

Nate McCallisterQuick Tips, Younger Infant


“I put the spoon in the cereal. I scoop the cereal. Here comes the cereal,” Dad says to baby as the child opens her mouth to scarf down the scoop. To talk through routines like this with infants may seem silly at first, but when we do, we help them increase their capacity to listen and understand. The ability to … Read More